Ansitz Eberlehof Manor

No. 13

A Gothic manor that thrones over Kurtatsch from a dominating position with its gable pointed towards the valley. One of the sandstone doorframes carries the Indermaur family coat of arms. Around 1600, a southeast wing with its perpendicular gable in Renaissance style was built and frescoes were added to the large room in the southwest corner of the old house. Of special mention is a grotesque frieze running below the ceiling. The frieze is interrupted by round medallions with emperors’ or kings’ portraits, one of which wears the chain of the Order of the Golden Fleece.

Characteristic of Eberlehof Manor are the generous living and farm buildins nested within each other, the entry to the farm with its stone-framed round arch and, above all, the tall poplars, which, almost like an emblem, archaically frame Eberlehof.

The most important changes in ownership: Indermauer in the early 16th century, Winkelhofen Maria Theresia Baroness of Brixen around 1763 or 1758, Schasser from 1839, Eberle from 1856, Gruber from 1805, later Pomella, today Mair.