Mariahilf 4

No. 12

The building at Mariahilf 4 in Kurtatsch was recently modernly renovated and therefore doesn’t seem to be particularly “historical”. Yet, it plays an important role in Kurtatsch’s history. It was here in the 1920s in her aunt’s house that Angela Nikoletti gave lessons in German to the children of Kurtatsch. In the Mussolini era, it was forbidden to teach or speak “foreign” languages. This is why secret “catacomb schools” were organized in order to preserve the South Tyrolean children’s native German tongue. This was especially important here, on the border to the Italian-speaking province of Trent. Many of the more than 500 “catacomb teachers” were jailed when discovered, and, just as with Angela Nikoletti, died in jail or as a result of their imprisonment. The elementary school in Obergasse in Kurtatsch carries the name of this brave young woman.