The Informative Wine Trail

From the planting of the young vine to its wine. 

The Instructional Wine Trail extends along historic field paths leading through a compact area of approx. 8 km of vineyards. Starting from the center of Kurtatsch / Cortaccia, one can follow the „Saltnerpratz“ (hand symbol with spread fingers) along this trail through the vineyards towards Margreid / Magrè and then to Kurtinig or in the opposite direction from the center of Kurtinig or Margreid towards Kurtatsch. In doing so, visitors can encounter almost all of the varieties of grapes cultivated in the Unterland / Bassa Atesina region of South Tyrol and also different training methods.

You’ll find a cluster of grapes as tall as a man, made of stones tumbled smooth by a glacier stream. The trail leads you through a hilly vineyard area where you can find almost every type of grape grown in South Tyrol, as well as individual cultivation methods, such as the pergola, which is traditional for South Tyrol, and the espalier systems.

Info signs accompany you through this nature trail and explain the features of the landscape and the characteristics of the individual grapevine varieties. From clay amphores you can sniff the typical aromas of the various wines and maybe even compete with your fellow walkers to guess which aroma and which wine is represented!

Starting from Margreid, one can learn a lot of interesting facts about wine-making
through the ages and also about modern fermentation methods

Die Weindörfer im Südtiroler Unterland
Urlaub im Süden Südtirols

Aroma walk with wine tasting

Every Wednesday (or for groups of more than 8 people, upon request), we offer a guided walk along the Informative Wine Trail to Entiklar. Your guide meets you at the main square in Kurtatsch. Along the way to the true starting point of the trail, she gives you an introduction to the history of Kurtatsch and the development of wine growing in the region. And before you know it, you have arrived at the Baron Widmann winery, where the first wine is tasted. Along the way, amidst the vineyards at a table with a panoramic view of the Adige Valley, one of Cantina Kurtatsch‘s wines is poured. And finally, in Castel Turmhof Tiefenbrunner Winery, two of their wines are tasted while enjoying the atmosphere of their paneled rooms or romantic garden. During the walk, you can sniff the contents of many clay amphores next to the trail and try to guess the scent which is found in each individual wine variety.

The guided walk is to be understood as a leisurely walk, therefore at least 4 hours should be planned for the tour, of which only about an hour is true walking time. As it is a hiking trail, it is recommended that you wear good walking shoes.

On Wednesday, this tour is in German. Along the way are panels with information about viticulture in English. The team at the Tourist Board will be glad to give you more information, send you the brochure or sign you up (

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Guided Tour

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