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Sunny, mild weather for at least 9 months of the year, steep MTB routes, long road routes, easy family tours…that is Südtiroler Unterland.

Südtiroler Unterland is made up of the three wine villages of Kurtatsch, Margreid and Kurtinig on the Wine Road and reaches from the floor of the Etsch valley (212m) up to Tresner Horn (1812m) and offers comfortable biking weather from the middle of February on. Everyone, from the young family to the toughest biker, profits from the mild weather in early spring on routes in the valley, including the 300 km long Etschtal cycling track; in the heat of summer, everyone prefers the MTB routes leading up to the cool heights of the Mendelkamm Ridge, or the serpentine road bike climb to bathe in the cool Fennberg Lake. In the fall, you can bike through the Indian summer colors of the vineyards; with good weather you can bike into November.

Whether you need route suggestions or even a guide…a rental bike or repairs…we have everything. After the tour, let your bike-friendly accommodation take care of your bike and human needs. In addition, we have wonderful lakes for a cool swim, cultural events and excursions – possibly for your not-so-bike-crazy partner or family? And not to mention the Italian-Alpine fusion of food that will spoil your taste buds!

Tip: a bike tour through the pink coloured sea of apple tree blossoms in April is a wonderful experience not to be missed.  

A very special challenge is the first permanent timed track for MTB and runners in Alto Adige from Termeno (276m) to Verbrennten Egg (1856m): the goal is to scale the 1600 meters in altitude as fast as possible. 

Biking on the southern Wine Route on

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