Cooling off with hydrotherapy!

The stream coming from Fennberg hasn’t always shown a friendly face to the citizens of Margreid.  Several times, the stream went over the banks after torrential showers, the worst case being in the fifties. The enormous amounts of rainwater carried rocks and debris through the village and into homes. 

Today, the cool waters of the Fenner stream still run through a cleft in the mountain, but then along a safe channel  through the village and down to the little pond at “Grutz”, next to the tennis courts. There, in the shade of old trees, you can follow the Kneipp cure of  Sebastian Kneipp, a Bavarian priest and naturopath, by wading and bathing your limbs in the pools. Two pools are for leg treatments and are filled with stream water; the third pool, for arm treatments, is potable water. Or try “wild” Kneipp treatments directly in the waters of the stream.

And if you don’t feel like bathing, you can just sit and enjoy the gurgling water and the chirping of the birds!