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Lindenhof lies at 360 m in altitude at the edge of the village, surrounded by vineyards. The nearby, newly built fruit and wine farm with its farm holidays takes its name from this historical building.

The old farm building was built by Bartlmä von Anich in 1566. In the historical sources, we sometimes find the name “Alte Anichtorggl” – Old Anich wine press. It is not clear from the sources when this was transformed into living quarters. Near the end of the 16th century, the house carried the name “Spauertorggl” or Spauer wine press. This building was used for grain storage and wine pressing. The room the wine press (Torggl) used to stand in is still called “Torggl” by the present owners.

Since no one can remember a limeflower tree (“Linde”) growing at the farm, it is supposed that a woman with the name Linde (Herlinde) once lived at the farm or was its owner.

Of special mention: on the former window ledges of Lindenhof are reliefs of the Anich and Feigenstein family coats of arms which most likely stem from before 1483.

Above the wall on the fountain, a quaint little man is pictured.

The most important changes in ownership: Anich from 1566, Schwarz from 1711, Vischer from 1728, Mayr from 1767,Schweiggl from 1907.