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There is an Indermaur coat of arms on the house wall of Finkenhof above the balcony. This points to this influential family having owned Finkenhof around 1646. The building of the house, however, presumably fell in the first half of the 16th century.

The Gothic beamed ceiling of the historical parlor is partially preserved, the paneling was sold long ago.

It is not sure where the name “Finkenhof” comes from. In the Kurtatsch wine growing site “Finken”, a “Vinken” wine press was mentioned in the 12th century; most likely it was a field wine press. It cannot be denied that this may be the origins of “Finkenhof”.

The most important changes in ownership: Im Holz 1566, Delmann von Angerburg from 1780, Schweiggl Josef (Schwarzadler innkeeper) from 1834, Pomella from 1838, Maier from 1914 .