Thun Winepress

Nr. 7

Wilhelm von Liechtenstein, who, at the time, was a judge in Kurtatsch, presumably built this building in 1528. The massive building construction and the round arched windows are the main characteristics of this stately residence consisting of several connected buildings.

The historical paneling of the parlor was long ago sold to Vienna and replaced by a coffered ceiling.

The building originally housed a “Torggl” or wine press. One of the two huge stones that weighed down the press was destroyed during the paving of Obergasse, the other has been in the “Museum of People through Time” since 2003. Possibly this residence and wine press belonged to the Counts of Thun, thus the name “Thunische Torggl” (Thun winepress).

The most important changes in ownership: Wilhelm von Liechtenstein (judge in Kurtatsch) from 1528, Am Orth von Orthenburg from 1728, Schwarz from 1751, Peer from 1756, Schweiggl from 1812.