Old Tribunal

Nr. 6

In 1596, this estate was documented for the first time. For a long time, the district court was located in the building. The Kurtatsch district originally included the communities of Kurtatsch and Margreid in their former dimensions.

The high enclosure wall surrounding the main building has a beautiful stone-framed round arched gate. Originally, the wall had swallowtail pinnacles.

At the entrance to Plattenhof, you can see the window on the district court building with the scales and law book as well as the shield of Kurtatsch. On the façade are two biforate windows, one above the other.

Inside are a couple of beautiful tiled ovens. Some of the ceilings are decorated with discreet stuccos. The inscription “Gerichtskanzlei” (“Court registry”) can still be seen in the lower hall.

The upper floor was the location of the elementary school in the 50s. The lower level contains especially nice, large cellars. 

The most important changes in ownership: Tomasell, Canella from 1596, Trepini geb. Millstetterin, Khager zu Mayregg, Indermaur, Peer, Strodl, Gabasch, Pomella, Terzer from 1900