Palmahof, ehem. Anichhof

Nr. 20

Palmahof, formerly Anichhof

Palmahof consists of a dwelling and various annexed adjoining buildings. In 1512, Palmahof is first documented through its sale by the Anich children, who were in debt. However, it is not sure if the the house was actually sold. The former stable and barn are built directly onto the south side of the house. The generous size of the living areas in the house are noticeable.

The most important changes in ownership: Anich Hans, Sigmund, Blasius und Dorothea Wwe. Peter Spaur 1512, Franz von Xaver 1780, Tschimben Benedikt 1822, Sanoll Johann 1851, Sanoll Anton 1884, Sanoll Franz 1898, Palma Maria geb. Sanoll 1902.