Castle Nussegg

No. 19

Castle Nussegg consists of a house built into the hillside and an adjoining building. A high wall connects the buildings, creating a lovely inner courtyard. A well-preserved boundary stone with the year 1597 engraved on it stands in the courtyard, along with a pretty fountain. The ramp to the former barn leads along the hillside where the hay was easily unloaded into the barn. The subterranean floor houses a large cellar with impressive vaults. On the upper floors, only the kitchen contains vaulting, as in the past, regulations required a vault in the kitchen rooms due to fire precautions. According to oral history, the wooden doorframe of the house displayed an inscription from the 13th century.

The most important changes in ownership: Truefer 1570, Indermaur 1623, Fenner 1716, Kager 1819, Sanoll since 1820.