Old mill and smithy

No. 21

In the “Alte Mühle und Schmiede”, the old mill and smithy, the people of Kurtatsch milled their grain for many years. The building was built in 1751.

A fresco and a cross decorate the façade. Originally there was a bag mill inside, driven by a stream wheel. Later a roller mill with a chain pump was added. Both mills were later driven by a water turbine by way of drive belts.

The bag mill became property of the “Museum of People through Time” in 1999, the roller mill in 2013.

In earlier days, a large, water-powered trip hammer used to stand in front ogf the smithy. Next to the road was originally the “Schnoatstall”, which was used in shoeing oxen. It now stands below the road near the stream.

A unique peculiarity of the old mill is the beautiful cellar carved into the rock.

To the right, across from the building, is a monolithic plague column from 1652.

The most important changes in ownership: 1751 Herr von Payr, from 1768 various changes in ownership, from 1867 Widmann, today Schiefer