Botenhaus – Bailiff’s House

Nr. 4

In 1547, the “Botenhaus” (“Bailiff’s House”) was documented for the first time. According to historians, it used to be a jail with a dungeon tower at the back and a long-time courthouse.

On the upper floor, there were two jail cells for pre-trial detention. Both of the doors including pass throughs fo food still exist. In the cellar are the jail cells, in one of which stands a heavy stone with an iron ring for chaining up prisoners. The heavy door of the lower dungeon is now in Enn Castle in Montan. 

The most important changes in ownership: Ferdinand Carl (Archduke of Österreich, Count of Tirol) around 1547, Count Peter Zenobio (Patrician in Venice) enfeoffed around 1657 and 1648, Johann Baptist (highest princely authority) around 1780, Albrizzi around 1876, today Bonora.