Alter Widum – Old clergy house

Nr. 3

The “Alte Widum” (old clergy house) is a stately building from the year 1521. It served as the clergy house until about the middle of the 16th century. Special characteristics of the beautiful façade which blends beautifully into the ensemble of houses in the Botengasse are a decorative bay window and a beautifully decorated sandstone frame with a corbel arch framing the front door. On the northwest corner, we can recognize a piece of an old “Torgglstein”, the weight used to press grapes, in the wall of the house.

On the ground floor are several cellar rooms. All rooms with exception of the parlor room have vaulted ceilings. The beautiful beamed ceiling in the historical parlor room has been preserved.

According to oral history, the “Alte Widum” is possibly the birthplace of the composer and musician, Father Stefan Paluselli.