The only hamlet of the village of Margreid is situated at an altitude of approximately 1,030 metres above sea level on the Favogna high plateau and has about 60 inhabitants, who mainly live from dairy farming. 
Originally, Unterfennberg was a summer holiday village for the population of Margreid, Kurtatsch and Kurtinig from end of June to the beginning of September, giving them the opportunity to escape the humid and mosquito-rich Etschtal.  Even the canons of the Augustine monastery of Saint Michael near the Etsch river had their summer residence in Unterfennberg.

At the Fennberg mountain, you can find the same flora and fauna as at the northern shores of Lake Garda, as well as the warm air flow, which moves from the lake towards the famous wine-growing region.  The wine cellars of Castle Turmhof-Tiefenbrunner (Europe’s highest altitude Müller-Thurgau wine estate) produce the ‘Feldmarschall von Fenner’ in their Hofstatt estate. 

More than 35 types of orchids, as well as freshwater crayfish and other endangered varieties of plants and animals can be found in the 10 hectares of biotope around Fennberg Lake.

Around the idyllic church of the Roman Saint Leonard, there is an iron chain, which – according to the legend – grows one link every seven years. As soon as the chain is long enough to surround the church three times, the world is supposed to come to an end. 

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