Museum of People through Time

The museum ‘Zeitreise Mensch’ (Museum of People through Time) in Botengasse 2 in the center of Cortaccia is a very special kind of museum. 

The building which houses the museum is one of the oldest farmhouses in Cortaccia: the Am Orth residence.  The museum’s displays cover an extraordinary time span: they demonstrate, in a very lively and interesting way, the history and development of the southernmost area of Alto Adige from the Stone Age to modern times. 

Siegmund Schweiggl and his son Wolfgang lovingly present archaeological findings, tools and even renovated and restored objects.  Visitors are welcome from April to the end of August, every Friday at 10 a.m. for an interesting type of time travel. 

If pre-booked, it is possible to tour the museum with a group throughout the year, at any time of the day.