Ansitz Althehen Manor

No. 17

Althehen Manor was documented for the first time in 1259 and is therefore the first documented manor in the lower Etsch valley. It changed hands often, as seen from the following list:

Anich family verifiably in the 14th century, Payr from 1687 (the Anich dynasty died out), Peer Josef  Adam bought the manor around 1801, Ritsch Joseph purchased it around 1805, Ascher Jakob bought the manor at auction in 1823, Amort Jakob purchased it in 1870, Terzer Simon bought the manor in 1878, Kofler Alois purchased it in 1898.

Altlehen Manor, also called “Castle Altlehen”, is enthroned upon a hill above Kurtatsch, surrounded by vineyards. From here, all of the lower Etsch River valley can be seen.

From the original fortified castle building, which possibly had four towers, only the gate tower, standing somewhat separately on the north side whose ogee-arched gate sports a carving of the Anich family coat of arms, remains.

After a fire in the mid 17th century caused by a bolt of lightning, the gate tower was restored, while the other towers were incorporated into the house. Thus, the unmistakeably narrow and high silhouette of the living quarters was created.

Next to the gate tower in the north the former castle chapel, consecrated in the name of St. Jacob, was found. In earlier times, processions led from the parrocchial church to the chapel. The owner in the 19th century, Ascher, renovated the chapel as a wine cellar, today’s “Jakobskeller”.

Presumably it was also the owner, Ascher, who made a formidable dwelling out of the manor.

Since 1898, Altlehen Manor has been the property of the Kofler family. Until recently, four generations were living at the manor.

The vineyards and orchards belonging to Altlehen Manor are operated as a family company.