No. 24

From 1492 on, Strehlburg Manor, along with Freienfeld Manor, was the property of the lords of Indermaur. The ensemble of the manor house, with its jutting corner tower, and the farm buildings, generously grouped around a central courtyard and seamed by a crenelated wall, crowns one of the most beautiful locations at the entrance to Kurtatsch.

Near the middle of the 15th century, a daughter of the clan father, Heinrich Indermaur, married Stephan Strele in Kurtatsch. His name became tied to the manor, being called Strele, Strelen or Strellenhof and under Kaspar Indermaur after their ennoblement was changed to Strehlburg. Kaspar Indermaur gave the farm the form of a manor around 1600 and it was expanded in the 18th century. The current design of the living quarters goes back to the 18th century.

In 1615, an altar was endowed to the St. Anna chapel on the ground floor of the tower. There is a giant painting of St. George on one of the side walls of the chapel.  

A photograph from 1886 shows a large, beautifully designed park on the southwestern side of Strehlburg, which was surrounded by a wall.

The most important changes in ownership: Indermaur named in 1492, von Fenner from 1763, Carli from 1841.