Guesthouse Schwarz Adler Nr. 1

Black Eagle Inn

The “Schwarz Adler” (Black Eagle) has been an inn, with interruptions, since 1636. Hanging on the facade, the beautiful and historical inn sign with its three-dimensional crowned eagle draws our attention. The ground floor was the site of the cellar, and, into the 70s, a smithy. The courtyard was equipped as a “Schnoatstall“, a place for shoeing of oxen. The two-sided stairs led into the original inn, whose wood-paneled dining room remains. On the upper floors, two further wood-paneled dining rooms can be found in the northeast corner. The wonderful original Gothic beamed ceiling has been preserved in both rooms. 
From 1780 until ca. 1835, Josef Vigil Schweiggl, commander of the local “Schützen” militia during the Tyrolean Rebellion (1796-1809), lived and worked here as the innkeeper. 
A characteristic of special note is the secret passageway that leads from the deepest wine cellar outside to the nearby vineyards. 
Today, the renowned restaurant is located on the ground floor. Care was taken during the renovation to preserve the historical structures, using unostentatious modern furnishings that stand out elegantly against the old walls. The upper floors were expertly remodeled in order to make room in the chic historical ambience for a modern spa.

The most important changes in ownership: Perg around 1566 (Baumann am „Platz“), Stampfer from 1630 and 1687, Prugger zu Pruggheim from 1711, Cajetan from 1758, Prugger von Pruggheim from 1765, Schweiggl Josef Vigil from 1780, Anrather from 1846, today Pomella.